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We believe that a corporate training, conference, congress, convention, symposium or seminar should be a thoroughly exciting event, with a carefully balanced blend of speakers addressing subject matter that is highly relevant to the delegates. Everything is done to make the booking, payment, registration and attendance as easy as possible so that delegates will feel motivated and leave with high take-home value. We are Africa's fastest growing information provider, the unique combination of marketing and sales skills, the continual upgrading of computer hardware and sophisticated custom-written software, along with a passion to provide and manage events of the highest standards have seen Renaissance grow from strength to strength. We operate in Johannesburg, where we have a staff complement of twelve full time and 20 dedicated part time staff members with more expansion expected in the future.
We act as a conductor, bringing all the variety of services and suppliers to order, ensuring that everyone plays the same tune, and also act as a conduit between the client and all the sub-contractors involved with the event. What we are offering is a total turn-key operation for our clients, eliminating the hassle of their having to deal with numerous different suppliers. Renaissance provides business information with relevance to research and training for the growth of Africa’s economy
We are paid to be proactive, to document all discussions, allocate responsibilities, follow up action dates, and see that things get done on time and correctly. We drive the complete planning process using the unique skills developed in the international conference industry, using at the same time the wealth of knowledge that we possess. Africa is an emerging economy that has untapped resources, providing important and innovative business information to it’s government and private sector will boast the development of the economy. We hope to develop Africa economically so as to lay a framework for competition with the rest of the world.
We produce attractive promotional material and promote the event internationally and locally to help achieve the objectives of the number of delegates from the mix of backgrounds and countries. We operate like a meeting point where people from all walks of life come together to share views on strategies of economic development. At our events we look forward in creating an interactive atmosphere where people share, compare and contrast ideas and solutions. We stage-manage the event, treating it as theatre, with wonderful atmosphere, smiling efficient staff, memorable social events, all run with military precision.
We also offer in house training and because your organization’s training needs are unique, we offer instruction that fits your specific circumstances and designed around the outcomes you want to achieve. All our training courses are on a customized basis. You can get certified training delivered at your location to fit your schedule, and for as many people as you require. Custom or in-house training is available Nationwide for all of your locations. We are committed to the principles of NQF (National Qualification Framework) and SAQA (South African Qualification Authority), all our programmes are outcome based. We will like to assist your company to reach its greatest dreams, your success is our concern.


Our core objective is the passing on of views for enhancing growth in both the public and private sectors. We also aim at tabling our admonishments on international trade across Africa. And we wouldn't hesitate seeking for answers from professionals in their particular fields.



Our mission is to dissolve the impediment surrounding corporate success by educating people with intelligent business information. We are also striving to see that every country on the continent merges concrete with trade balance this twenty first century known as the African century. Renaissance seeks to bringing equality through its training as it researches into the perspectives of poor Africans, into the formulation and implementation of policies and planning for poverty reduction at district, national and continental levels.



Our vision is to be Africa's representative in providing intelligent business information through corporate training and to contribute even an iota in the effectiveness of plans to unite and develop Africa.

Our vision is to be Africa's representative in providing intelligent business information through corporate training and to contribute even an iota in the effectiveness of plans to unite and develop Africa.

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