Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Our corporate training is developed and customized based on your goals and objectives; they are developed based on market trends, and is facilitated by experienced professionals who are subject matter experts. Our topics enhance the background and experience of the participants and we offer a Certificate of Completion or Competence from Renaissance to recognize your under-standing of these topics.

At Renaissance, we design, stage and facilitate conferences that bring practitioners, professionals and learners together to rub minds, share ideas, solve common problems and chat the way forward for their various organizations. Our conferences are a brewing point of ideas and solutions to pertinent problems in industry.

Exhibitions We also organize specialized exhibitions targeted at the right audience to promote products, services and ideas within the business and government community

We also help business organizations to promote their products and services through constant emphasis of the use and reference of their products in the solution of general or specialized problems

Events management We also design develop and stage business events that we may feel necessary to promote an area of business or an organization


+ Accounting and Banking
+ Telecommunications, IT and E-Commerce
+ Government and Taxation
+ Admin & Secretarial
+ Manufacturing
+ Medicines and Health
+ Customer Service
+ Human Resources Management
+ Management and Leadership
+ Labour Relations
+ Service Agreements and Employee Benefits
+ Business Forecasting and Risk Management
+ Transport, Leisure and Travel
+ Property and Construction
+ Maintenance & Technical
+ Finance & Supply chain Management
+ Workplace Safety and HIV/AIDS management
+ Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
+ Risk Management and Loss Control
+ Environment and Utilities
+ Free Trade Zones and International Trade
+ Human Capital Management

In-house Training We also offer in house training and because your organization’s training needs are unique, we offer instruction that fits your specific circumstances and designed around the outcomes you want to achieve. All our training courses are on a customized basis. You can get certified training delivered at your location to fit your schedule, and for as many people as you require. Custom or in-house training is available Nationwide for all of your locations. We are committed to the principles of NQF (National Qualification Frame-work) and SAQA (South African Qualification Authority), all our programmes are outcome based.